Hi blogging world, Long time no talk!

A lot has changed since I started my site in 2013 – – which doesn’t exist anymore. I tried to rebrand for only amazon finds at Ashley’s Amazon Finds and realized I didn’t want to limit the audience to amazon users only.

So the Affordable Style Blog is born…

Since 2013, when I began my blogging journey, I started a business (Boho She Shack on Etsy) and had it 4.5 years before I closed it with 5 stars and 5K sales. I then moved across the country and pursued a career in technology – quality engineering to be specific and got promoted within my first year of working.

I finally felt like I found my calling but something was missing…blogging!

I remembered back to the good ole days of sharing my home decor inspo on Apartment Sense and my style inspo on Bows and Moccasins and missed it!

So here I am trying to jump back into it.

My days are way different now – they are still spent behind a computer screen but now I work actual work hours (9-5, sometimes 6 or 7) instead of making my own schedule.

I was 21 when I started my blog and remember it was for a project in one of my college classes, but never expected it to transform into a creative outlet. A creative outlet that highlighted things I loved and loved to share with others.

What better way than to share it with the world?

I never expected money out of it, just pure enjoyment. I had a few sponsorships and collaborations but ultimately decided to go after my dream of owning a tshirt business which grew like wildfire until it didn’t anymore. Until my ideas were stolen, my pictures and descriptions from listings were copied and the market was eventually flooded with the same shirts.

So here I am back with a new set of skills (like Taken haha) and ready to tackle a new challenge in my blogging journey – affordable finds!

I can’t wait to share them all with you.

My vision for this rebrand is centered around online shopping way too much and sharing what I’ve learned along the way from owning a business and starting a brand to reinventing my entire life with one choice. I moved from Florida to Michigan on a dream, but never imagined it would turn into a life. More on that later.

My favorite brands and what you can expect to see in the future are : Free People, Urban Outfitters, Show Me Your Mumu, Dazey LA (use code ASHLEYH), Amazon Fashion, Princess Polly Boutique and sooo much more.

I am also about to start back on a fitness journey (from home of course) so some of those companies will be featured as well. In fact, I just collaborated with a company for Collagen Gummies, which is super exciting because I’ve been looking for a collagen solution and hate the powder. I will post about that in way more detail after I’ve taken them for a while.

Home decor and DIY projects will be another main focus here kinda like what I wrote about on Apartment Sense.

Thanks so much for reading and I plan to update my blog featuring some of my most popular posts from the old blog to an archive on here soon so stay tuned!

Meanwhile you can check out my instagram and twitter to see what I’ve been up to lately

Ashley, Affordable Style

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