Pink Kitchen Appliances

One of the biggest trends nowadays is pastel appliances for the kitchen! Have you seen it? I think Keurig started making it super popular with the mini Keruigs in an array of colors! My kitchen used to consist of blue but lately I’ve been all about blush pink! In fact, it all started with a pumpkin I found at TJ Maxx in September, blush pinik with really feminine girly details. At first, I was like ehhh but the more I walked around the store, I had to go back and get it. After that, I ordered this amazing mini keurig in pink and wow I can’t tell you how much I love looking at it every morning.

Next up is the most adorable toaster oven you’ve ever seen. It looks like something straight out of a Barbie kitchen or the 90’s gal in me just sees EASY BAKE OVEN. Let me know if you see it too…

Pic from my Instagram stories teasing this post

FUNNY STORY really quick, I bought this in October right and it was only $31 shipped to my door. Now it is…wait for it 86 DOLLARS??? WHAT? The pink is the only color that is upcharged, why? I love the Dash DMTO100GBPK04 Mini Toaster Oven so much don’t get me wrong, but it only fits one bagel, one piece of toast or one teeny pizza (maybe) so it is 100% not worth $86. So more on the toaster oven drama later, I will update yall when it goes back to a reasonable price. Until then, just check out how cute it is…

Not to mention the many pink knives, spatulas, and baskets that I found at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, But the final baby pink appliance I found that I am in loooove with is this mini Fridgaire Mini Fridge. I originally bought it for skincare bc of reasons found in my previous post, but totally ended up putting sparkling water in it and keeping it beside my desk! Zoom meetings get long ya know?

Perfect for either use, but are you ready for more pink appliance drama??! I’m not sure what the heck is up 🤣 BUT y’all no joke I bought this mini fridge for $24 at Walmart, can be found here (pickup only), and its on amazon for $85.


Linking some for similar price points to what I paid below:

Are you loving the pink appliance trend? Would you be willing to pay $85 for a $25 item marked up for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments, I feel like this could get juicy.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Kitchen Appliances

  1. I love this SO MUCH! I have a pink theme for my desk setup – pink keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headphones… I’ve seen pink kitchen appliances in stores and online, and I’m so tempted, but I’d feel bad for my husband if I turned our kitchen pink!


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