Mini Ugg Boots for Less

Tis the season for ugg boots and affordable SALES! One of the most popular items from every gal’s wishlist this season are Mini Uggs.

As you know, Ugg boots can cost a pretty penny. BUT what if I told you the same company made a similar cheaper version of the original mini but incorporated FAUX FUR?! We love a faux fur moment so let’s compare prices and answer some common questions about the sister brand koolaburra.

Where to Buy Mini Ugg’s by Koolaburra :

Now we know where to find them – what is Koolaburra?

According to the site’s About Us: “Koolaburra is designed with the modern family in mind. Rooted in quality, comfort, and craftsmanship, Koolaburra delivers effortless lifestyle essentials for the whole family. Our chic lifestyle staples are crafted with a focus on value and the ultimate attention to detail.” Also their vibe is more California and coastal. In Koolaburra line, you will find faux fur linings and other things that sets this sister brand apart from the original UGG. Jennifer Somer, VP of UGG Women’s calls the Koolaburra brand “a little more fashion forward”.

Have you joined the fashion forward Koolaburra gang?! Tis the season!

Xx, Affordable Style by Ashley

10 Gifts for the Self-Care Enthusiast

Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and wishlists are being made so why not check off someone special on your Christmas list? Tools for self care can be one of the best gifts to give because usually people don’t take the time to treat themselves.

Self care can mean so many things so lets dive into 10 gifts any self care enthusiast would be excited about.

Finding Vanity Planet is one of the best things to happen all 2020 for me. Self care became a priority this year while working from home and it started with finding this rose gold Facial Steamer.

We’ve all seen the youtube and tiktok videos of people using facial steamers, advertising a spa experience at home. I was hesitant at first because I can just use the shower steam ya know? But no, let me tell you I now look forward to steaming my face at the end of the night and someone on your gift list probably will too. The initial cost looks expensive but they’re always running a promotion. In fact, right now use code BFCYBER for 50% your entire purchase!

For the self care lover who already has all the gadgets, a super fun self care accessory is this LED Bluetooth music playing, phone charging vanity mirror! Can you imagine how fun applying makeup and skincare would be after opening this on Christmas? There’s three different settings for light colors and has adjustable brightness for different lighting situations. WE NEED.

Now let’s talk skincare: The most popular thing as of lately are skincare fridges and I found a super affordable option for less than $40. Four colors to choose from and 6 can capacity ( lol as if we will use it for cans but cool ) so that’s like a lot of skincare storage. I thought these were gimmicky at first but if you do some research or look at your products, they should be stored at a colder temperature to really get the full life and quality out of it.

Self care isn’t just skincare and facial steam, self care just means taking time for yourself which can absolutely include relaxing under a sky (ceiling) full of stars created by this Star Projector Night Light. With 21 lighting modes and a music player this projector comes in at less than $50 and the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Remember when we mentioned bringing a spa experience home? Well these Faux Fur Slippers will add to that vibe. Working from home calls for comfy shoes and these have been my favorite to slip on. Good thing Zoom meetings can’t see our shoes because these slippers are always on my feet. They come in so many colors and are actually pretty warm.

Don’t forget to check the checkbox for the 10% off coupon.

Next, lets talk candles! WoodWick Candle Company is one of my go-tos for bath tub candles. There’s nothing better than jamming to jazz music in the bath with one of these babies burning in the background. Walmart is actually having a sale on one of my favorite ones so linking it here – WoodWick Medium Hourglass Candle, White Teak for less than $20 on sale.

Back to Vanity Planet, one of my most recent splurges for self care is this amazing Clara Self Sanitizing Electric Toothbrush. When you look at the price, it again seems pricey but this 100% is worth the splurge and let me tell you why. First, it works so good and leaves the teeth feeling so smooth and fresh. Secondly, THE UV SANITATION station. Not only does it protect your toothbrush from the outside particles but also sanitizes while it charges. It comes with 3 different brush heads as well. I’m not sure if you’re aware but with Vanity Planet products, you get a one year warranty from day of purchase. DON’T FORGET to use code BFCYBER for 50% off. Another pro tip is you can afterpay your Vanity Planet purchase – dangerous, I know.

We can’t talk self care without mentioning face masks, right? This Face Mask Magic mask set is from the Sephora Collection and comes with a set of six masks :

– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Coconut Face Mask
– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Grapefruit Face Mask
– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Matcha Face Mask
– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Spirulina Face Mask
– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Pineapple Face Mask
– 0.78 oz/ 22 g Pomegranate Face Mask

This mask set comes in at a value of $34 for only $25, which makes the perfect gift budget.

2020 is just full of surprising purchases for me and this Hometech Ultrasonic Humidifier is no different. I live in Michigan and the heat is on a lot so this has been a life saver since Fall. The discount is CRAZY good too, originally $99.99 but on sale for $36 + an additional $6 coupon! The savings is too good not to mention. It’s the perfect time to grab one for yourself and the self care lover on your list.

Last but not least lets go all out with the self care at home theme with this CozyChic Adult Robe by Barefoot Dreams. If you haven’t heard the hype about these then you haven’t been working from home for the last 9 months and it shows. These robes are raved about online from bloggers and celebs to normal people just like us. People say the material is undeniably the softest thing they’ve ever felt. Also really loving this zip up robe from Barefoot Dreams. Guaranteed to be a hit for any self care enthusiast.

Wow, that was a lot of deals! I hope you found something for the self care enthusiast in your life, let me know what you bought in the comments. Until then, I rounded up everything with shoppable links below!

  1. Aira Facial Steamer
  2. Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights with Bluetooth Function
  3. Chefman Mini Portable Personal Fridge
  4. Star Projector Night Light
  5. Faux Fur Slippers
  6. WoodWick Medium Hourglass Candle, White Teak
  7. Clara Self Sanitizing Electric Toothbrush
  8. Face Mask Magic Mask Set
  9. Hometech Ultrasonic Humidifier
  10. CozyChic Barefoot Dreams Robe

Hope you enjoyed,

X Affordable Style by Ashley