Walmart Sleepwear + Nursing Finds

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All I am going to say is don’t sleep on Walmart’s sleepwear and nursing gear because the deals are phenomenal right now. The only downfall I’ve seen is everything ships separately and arrives on different days, but I can’t really write that up as a complaint just because I am used to Amazon’s quick shipping and arrival.

  1. When considering nursing wear, I never expected to find a matching baby swaddle bundle for under $20 like what! Strawberry Robe/Gown/Swaddle Bundle – Nurture by Lamaze Women’s Maternity Nursing Robe Set with Swaddle – ONLY $19.62 for ALL 3 pieces, can you believe it? I ended up ordering all the ones that were in stock in my size because it’s just such a cute idea. Will anyone other than my S/O ever see it? Probably not but baby and myself will be cute hanging around the condo. Colors I chose: Strawberry, Estate Blue, and Red Coral. I am bringing the Estate Blue in my hospital bag because it’s the darkest in color and can easy wash it in case it gets messy.
  2. Secret Treasures Maternity Seamless Sleep Chemise with Ruffle Bottom – The reviews said this can be chesty but what’s not chesty about breastfeeding? I decided to try it anyway, and chose the Blue Cove color but it also comes in black. The straps come down for nursing ease and I love how feminine the ruffle is at the bottom. For only $15 each – yes please. Also very surprised how soft this is for the price.
  3. I’m completely in love with this next find. It’s not nursing friendly but seriously so pretty and feminine – Secret Treasures Women’s and Women’s Plus Traditional Sleeveless Knit Sleepwear Gown. Again for $15, this gown is so perfect for just lounging around or sleeping. I chose the Strawberry Cream Tropical color, but it comes in so many other colors and SIZES. These sizes extend to 5X. We love size inclusivity.
  4. I also picked up two colors in this basic tank dress: Time and Tru Women’s Sleeveless Knit Dress – At $10 each, how could I not? The quality for these is so good too – I got the leopard and dusty rose.
  5. One thing I have had trouble finding is a pack of nursing tanks that has good reviews for less than $25. I searched Target, Amazon etc. Walmart came in like a champ with this Maternity Under Control Seamless Nursing Cami, 3 Pack. Regularly $32, but on sale for $21.99 right now! I chose the black/white/blush combo but there are other options to choose from, such as: Black, White and Grey or there’s a purpleish heather color combo. They are super soft and the clips seem to be good for adjusting when feeding.
  6. For less than $10, this Secret Treasures Women’s and Women’s Plus Knit Sleepwear Chemise is perfect for those hot summer nights when you want to still look cute when going to sleep. It reminds me of VS quality and look. It comes in 5 different color patterns so there is something for everyone!
  7. Probably my favorite find is this Majestic Mommy Designer Cute Nursing Bra Soft Cup – It is super cute pink and white candy striped with button closure for easy access. I’m not 100% sure how practical this will be just yet as baby isn’t here for me to try it out, but I will update bc wow it’s so pretty for the $30 ish price range.
  8. Last but not least I found a multi-use cover for nursing for less than $10! Secret Treasures Women’s Maternity Nursing Wrap. I like how neutral the grey and white stripe is and how it would match everything. It also comes in black so I might pick that one up as well after experimenting with this one.

With so many fun finds, I had to share in case you are looking for some affordable nursing-friendly options as well!

Did I miss anything essential? Let me know in the comments!

-Ashley, Affordable Style

Reduce Cups + PRIME DAY deals

Another year, another AMAZON PRIME DAY! This might be the first year that I’ve actually purchased things on prime day which I am excited about, so what did I find?

  1. Reduce Tumbler Cup – Mild Mint Green – $33.98 originally $39.99

I have been stalking REDUCE tumblers since I saw Dede Raad on dressupbuttercup talk about them. She had one in the hospital with her, has been using it postpartum and keeps raving about how amazing they are so naturally, I had to try one. I wasn’t about to pay $50 for a cup, even if it claimed to keep your drink cold for 40 hours. HOWEVER, the lowest price the 50 oz. tumbler has been in 30 days is right NOW – $33.99. They also just stocked new colors so now is the time to grab one if you want one.

A little back story : First, I ordered the 32 oz. one 2 weeks ago from Walmart and received an email that my order had been cancelled (after it shipped) – what the heck? And even more interesting – the seller said in the cancellation notice that me, the buyer, requested to cancel it. LOL and no I didn’t. I had been stalking the shipment and delivery because I’ve needed a decent size water cup for SO long. I really had my heart set on the lilac/light purple one and it was sold out everyyywhere. After Walmart cancelled my order, I finally found it on Bed Bath & Beyond (currently out of stock). Well, I finally got it in and LET ME TELL YOU – The hype is real. I love this thing.

The top is a little funky sometimes when taking it off bc it suctions so well to the cup. The ice forreal stays all day and night though, it’s kinda amazing.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with 18/8 stainless steel
  • Can be used for hot or cold beverages
  • ALL Reduce products come with a lifetime guarantee

2. “The Perfect Oxford Shirt” by Amazon Basics – $18, Originally $25.

I have been LOVING men’s oxford shirts lately and needed a white one. My obsession started back when I found a J.Crew chambray shirt while thrifting – talk about a find! I loved the oversized look of it and started looking for more. I stumbled upon Old Navy and picked up a white one and light blue one. I tend to style it many different ways but they can be worn as bathing suit coverups, with biker shorts, or even as a jacket type situation in the summer with a cute dress! I needed a new white one so decided to order a size large in this Slim fit one on Amazon for a prime day special of $18.10, originally $25. They also have light purple AND pink so I kinda want those too.

HURRY though because these are selling fast.

3. We just bought a Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappucino Maker and it has been beyond fun to make barista style drinks at home! We’ve tried espresso, cappuccino and lattes so far. It has a built in frother which is pretty cool and makes the coffee shop foamy drinks a reality. Our favorite combo so far is Starbucks espresso grinds with froth from regular milk then add cinnamon sugar and regular sugar to it – you’ve got to try it. So good! And no flavor creamer even needed. It also happens to be part of PRIME day! Originally $199, on sale for $179.99!

4. Liuruiyu Glass Coffee Mugs 12 oz(350 ml) Set of 2 Double Wall Clear Coffee Cappuccino Cups with Handles

Because of the above Mr. Coffee purchase, we’ve been on the lookout for the perfecttt glass mugs to show off our beautiful coffee creations. Well, I found them finally. Two pack of these double-walled glass mugs for $11. Can you believe it? Such a steal!

5. Lastly, not a very exciting purchase but suuuper practical and cheap so I thought why not! 4 pack of iPhone lightening cables – One 3ft, Two 6ft and one 10 ft charging cable for only $6.59! Originally $10.99 so that’s a 40% discount. I chose pink but there are many different color options in different listings. I mainly ordered because going to need a long charging cord for my hospital bag.

This year’s Prime Day purchases are super random but I hope you found something to check out!

Let me know in the comments what you picked up during PRIME DAY…

Amazon Favorites 2020

As this treacherous and challenging year of 2020 starts winding down, I can’t help but notice a common theme for every month : Amazon purchasing 🤭😂. Yeah, I’m aware how bad it is and will try harder to keep the Amazon shopping to a minimal in 2021 but for now, let’s discuss the best purchases of 2020.

#1: Oster Wine Opener – This is one of those items you didn’t even know was missing in your kitchen, but if you’re a wine drinker and you don’t have it, you’re missing out. By the push of a button, your wine cork starts uncorking itself slowly. Truly an amazing invention. Then when it’s uncorked you push the button again and it falls right out haha will post a video to my Instagram to demonstrate the magic.

#2: Gold Rimmed Diamond Shaped Glasses – You know those glasses that must make you feel fancy, even when you’re just hanging at your apartment in sweatpants? These are some that do just that. They are dishwasher safe and have held up great; I’ve had them about 6 months. They come in a pack of 4 so I took two out and packed two up for backup. I mainly drink wine and margaritas out of them so breaking them is a complete possibility lol. I also tend to be pretty clumsy.

#3: INSTAPOT – I feel like I am a year or two late with this one. I got one for my birthday this year (thanks mom) and def didn’t know what I was missing out on. My birthday was in November so I’ve only cooked a few things, but I think my favorite was an entire pork roast in under 3 hours. We seasoned it with Cajun seasoning and seared it before pressure cooking inside the insta pot and w o w! We had the most delicious pork that was super easy to pull, highly recommend.

#4: TYPECASE – The next thing I can’t believe I found on amazon is this amazing iPad case. I was on the hunt for a rose gold, protective case for my iPad that is adjustable. I never expected to find one that basically turns an iPad into a laptop. Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever and such a game changer for blogging. I love the convenience of bringing my laptop everywhere but hated typing on it with a stylus. This Typecase has a Bluetooth enabled keyboard but it doesn’t just attach separately – it is part of the case. I will have to do a video or reel about it because it is SO COOL! The case also has “light” and “color” features for it so the keyboard lights up a color. You get to choose the color and how bright. The screen also is adjustable and you can rotate it. Like I said, a video is coming because I can’t clearly describe how many handy features it has. I want to show you so stay tuned for that on my instagram. I will probably make it my first reel. Anyway if you’re an iPad owner, you need this. It was listed for $73 which is why I waited so long to buy it BUT there was a lightening deal and I got it for only $45. I jumped on it and wow, so glad I did! Blogging and using Procreate on my iPad is such a breeze now. Typecase has a built in stylus or Apple Pencil holder also. I think the Typecase made my laptop obsolete and kinda redundant so it was well worth the money. The case is also like really good quality – seems sturdy and completely worth the price. It’s probably even worth $73, at normal price.

#5: DASH Egg Bite maker – I think 2020 was the year of cooking for me. I discovered all kinds of fun gadgets and this egg bite maker is one of my top 10 for sure! Before work each morning I used to grab the egg bites and a coffee from Starbucks so when working from home became the normal, I searched for an alertnative. Just add your ingredients, scrambled, and heat it up for like 5-7 mins and boom the perfect egg bites are born.

#6: Stainless Steel Rotating Spice Rack For once, I started incorporating silver into my rose gold/gold aesthetic because I moved into a place w stainless steel appliances and was like okay! I GET IT, I like it. In fact, I bought fun things to match. One is this super cool rotating spice rack. One thing I will say is that it is kinda limiting bc the little jars come labeled already, BUT really easy to remove the stickers and add your own labels (Home Edit Style).

#7: Industrial Grade Dishrack LOL wow just realized most of my favorites are kitchen appliances. Also just realized amazon has supplied almost my entire kitchen and I don’t hate it. This dish rack is completely worth the money if you are in the market for one. Super sturdy and made with stainless steel, this baby has adjustable features and special drying for shot glasses and silverware.

#8: To-Do list sheetsAlthough I’ve always dreamed about working from home permanently, it became hard to keep my tasks in order for both home and work. I started researching planners and was not impressed because I was looking for something specific. I wanted bullet points and then prioritized tasks. I landed on these

#9: Rose Gold Bose Bluetooth QC35 II headphones Noise cancelling and completely on brand, these rose gold headphones check all the boxes for me. Comfortable and chic, you can’t beat it. When I say noise cancelling, these are the real deal.

#10: Oster Diamond Air Fryer – Last but not least, probably my favorite Amazon purchase is the Oster Diamond Force Air Fryer. We fry everything these days. From unexpected vegetables like bell peppers with cream cheese and breadcrumbs to normal potatoes, the air fryer literally makes everything better.

Well, that rounds it up for 2020’s best purchases on Amazon.

Would it be fun to post products that I bought that didn’t quite make the cut for best purchases? Let me know in the comments!

XX, Affordable Style by Ashley

Mini Ugg Boots for Less

Tis the season for ugg boots and affordable SALES! One of the most popular items from every gal’s wishlist this season are Mini Uggs.

As you know, Ugg boots can cost a pretty penny. BUT what if I told you the same company made a similar cheaper version of the original mini but incorporated FAUX FUR?! We love a faux fur moment so let’s compare prices and answer some common questions about the sister brand koolaburra.

Where to Buy Mini Ugg’s by Koolaburra :

Now we know where to find them – what is Koolaburra?

According to the site’s About Us: “Koolaburra is designed with the modern family in mind. Rooted in quality, comfort, and craftsmanship, Koolaburra delivers effortless lifestyle essentials for the whole family. Our chic lifestyle staples are crafted with a focus on value and the ultimate attention to detail.” Also their vibe is more California and coastal. In Koolaburra line, you will find faux fur linings and other things that sets this sister brand apart from the original UGG. Jennifer Somer, VP of UGG Women’s calls the Koolaburra brand “a little more fashion forward”.

Have you joined the fashion forward Koolaburra gang?! Tis the season!

Xx, Affordable Style by Ashley

Gucci Slides

*Alexa play Gucci Gang* Hi I’m back with another hard to beat SALE, this time from our fave shoe warehouse DSW 🛍. For a limited time PINK GUCCI SLIDES are on sale for $250. Originally priced at $320 🤟🏻 AND use code KEEPITGUCCI for 5% off of your Gucci faves when you sign up to become a VIP. DSW is another Afterpay supporter which we love so these can be yours for 4 payments of $62.50!

I also linked more styles here – how fun are those sneakers?

Sizes are selling fast so hop to this link and getchu some!

Fall or not, I know I couldn’t pass up this deal and had to share

Lmk if you purchased these in the comments.

Ashley, Affordable Style

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Shell Chair from Urban Outfitters

Happy Friday!

It might be fall but the summer vibes never stop

Introducing the most perfect basketwoven chair I’ve ever seen in my life.

It reminds me of The Little Mermaid but if she was a boho princess, ya know?

Originally $549 BUT IS ONLY 389.99 for a limited time.

One of the best parts of Urban Outfitters is they offer Afterpay and so this chair can be yours for 4 payments of $97.50.

Keep your egg chairs, I want a shell chair.

Are you more of an egg chair or shelll chair person? Let me know in the comments!

Ashley, Affordable Style

Animal Print Sneakers

Hi, back again with another killer sale – this time from Madewell! Like the UO Rewards sale, Madewell is offering up to 40% EXTRA on already discounted items.

The only catch is you have to sign up to become a Madewell Insider. But like what’s an extra email in the inbox ya know? So I gave in and signed up.

We are talking shoes that are originally $98, take up to 40% off that. Now, the phrase “up to” can be tricky when it comes to marketing. The majority of the time you won’t get the maximum discount but even 20% is still something, am I right?

I started browsing and found some very exciting animal print sneakers – a genre of sneakers that I never even knew existed. So let’s dive in…

We will start off with the first eye catching pair of sneakers that are an additional 40% off of $98.

All sizes in stock too so I wanted to go ahead and post!

Next, let’s talk about high tops – super on trend for Fall (which starts today) and comfortable at the same time…

Sidewalk High-Top Sneakers in Spot Mix Suede in form grey multi image 1

Sidewalk High-Top Sneakers in Spot Mix Suede

Reg. Price $110. Add 20% off when you become and insider

Everyone knows the athletic trainer sneakers trend but have you seen it in animal print? I doubt it. I love these because you can wear with black and the tanish color – so khakis – check.

Kickoff Trainer Sneakers in Leather and Spot Mix Calf Hair.

Reg. Price $110. Add 20% off when you become an insider.

Let’s talk sustainable fabrics shall we? The year is 2020 and humans have to start recycling more, it’s just a fact. Maybe we can start with the fabrics we purchase to make more goods?

These sneakers are made with LEOPARD recycled cotton canvas. Can it get any better – Look cute and save the world, ya know?

Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Leopard Print Recycled Canvas

Reg. Price $78. Add 20% off when you become an insider

Last but not least, my favorite pair in the bunch. I am obsessed with the pop of coral and beige. I need these in my fall wardrobe asap but think I might have to cave and go for the 40% off pair.

Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Spotted Calf Hair in light sand multi image 1

Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Spotted Calf Hair

Reg. Price $98. Add 20% off when you become an insider

Which animal print sneakers are you loving?

Did you become an insider just to score the 20% off like I did? Let me know in the comments

Ashley, Affordable Style

Fall Favorites from Urban Outfitters

I don’t usually post twice in a day but UO Rewards members get extra 20% off entire purchase today and over the weekend I shopped a little too much, just so many sales ya know? One of my other favorites besides the Free People sale was the Urban Outfitters sale!

Now lets dig into what I found because if you sign up for rewards today, you get the discount too.

Don’t forget to sign up for UO Rewards to score the 20% off your order, but hurry because the sale is for TODAY ONLY, which is why today was a two poster. Also because I found so much fun stuff ON SALE this weekend!

What’s your favorite? Did you pick up anything fun from the Urban Outfitters sale this weekend? Let me know in the comments

Ashley, Affordable Style

Free People at Nordstrom Rack

It’s a very exciting Monday!

Today continues the Free People at Nordstroom Rack event and I found some Fall staples at such an affordable price so I am sharing before everything sells out!

The first thing I picked up that is underrated is this Fenix Snake Embossed Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Free People. The original price is $198 and it is on sale for $59 – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Sizes are selling out fast so check it out ASAP.

The next thing I picked up is the perfect loungewear jacket – slouchy and soft! High on Life Hoodie by Free People. The original price is $98 and it’s on sale for $49.97. It’s the perfect navy color!

Next up is this perfect fall staple – Moonbeam V-Neck Sweater by Free People. Originally priced at $128 but on sale for $59.97!

Completely obsessed with these loose and comfy Halfzies Pants by Free People. The original price is $128 and on sale for $64.97. I think the rose color is soo pretty AND all sizes left so hurry!

Image of Free People Coconut Knit V-Neck Sweater

LOVING this Coconut Knit V-Neck Sweater by Free People. Originally priced at $128 but on sale for $49.97. I plan to pair it with the below pants!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

JUST FLOAT ON FLARE jeans– an amazzzzing pair of winter white bells BUT they sold out so linking the same style at REVOLVE.

Which is your favorite Free People at Nordstrom Rack find?

Let me know in the comments

I hope this post made your Monday a little brighter!

Ashley, Affordable Style Blog